MOX.TV is a native video platform for brands and agencies providing full cycle verified video ads to the right audience.

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Born to be viewable

Reach your audience with accuracy. We built technology to provide you lower prices for chosen audience.


Be creative to reach your audience.

We offer user-initiated native video formats to guarantee high viewability of your ads.

User profile targeting

GEO, Demography, Income, Interests, Sales, Content interests


Coverage up to 300 million users globally

Audience management

Set up wide range of audience targeting on one platform

2000+ segments

Auto, Travel, Shopping, eCommerce, Sport and other categories for audience brand segmentation.

Delivering Audience

Mix of inspiring native video ads with dedicated audience targeting. We provide superior solution for marketers and brands. Increase brand awareness with us in the right place for the right audience.

Transparency Basis

Transparency and viewability

MOX.TV offers a full cycle of transparency for every impression and guarantees end-to-end management of campaigns into brand safe, viewable environment.

Brand Safe Environment
Full Cycle Viewability
Audience pre-bid checking 

User scanning system provides pre-bid checking audience. Our vendors provide full cycle user verification for brands.

Premium Publishers offers premium marketplace with legal video content media that covering over 300 million users


Viewability uses mix of internal engineering software to show video brand ads only in visible zone.      Both with partnership with 3rd party independent vendors such as MOAT. is offering viewability as a guaranteed service for brands.

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