Native High-Viewable video platform
Connection publishers and advertisers
Own unique technologies

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Integrate complex technology to grow your revenue and brand awareness

Multiscreen and crossplatform

Show up with fresh formats for your audience which starts only when they are in view.

- Our formats are innovative to provide you best technological options

- Adapted to every screen in order to provide better audience reach

- Provides the best user experience while being comfortable in use

Born to be Viewable

Viewability is the key basis of digital industry which generates enormous brand-awareness across all devices. MOX.TV is born to be viewable and provide superior viewability solutions in order to take brands to the next level.

  1. Machine tracking algorithm analyzes video placement in media
  2. Video starts playing in the visible zone
  3. Video stops playing when the unit is out of the user's screen or when customer closes the unit.

Real time technology

Discover your potential via transparent and real-time technology. 
Grow your revenue via simple integration.
We manage optimization and technical part so that you can focus on profits