Thank you for visiting MOX. MOX was born from an undying love for music, and my initial vision was to make it a 24/7 streaming video platform for electronic-infused music, complete with music news, interviews, live coverage, and other content. There were plenty of people who told us that no one wanted a 24/7 music video channel anymore, and that the “kids” who listened to this music just wouldn’t get or care about what we were trying to do. I still believe those people were wrong. Since MOX’s inception, we’ve seen larger companies like VEVO do an excellent job providing similar services, albeit none of them focused on electronic music.

Unfortunately, we didn’t do our job as well, and we weren’t able to execute on the vision in a way that resonated with enough viewers for us to continue the service in its current incarnation. I could list lots of reasons and excuses for this, but in the end, as CEO and co-founder, the blame rests solely with me.

I still believe in the vision for MOX, and am investigating ways in which to re-launch the service in a more viable way. If you enjoyed MOX and want to see its vision realized as I do, please sign-up for our email list and I’ll keep you posted with updates on where we go from here.

Thanks to everyone in the community who supported us for so long and truly wanted to create something amazing. You kept us going, and we’ll always consider you part of the MOX family.

Stay frosty,

Carter Laren
CEO / Co-founder